Will Instant Text work with the new system I am going to work in?

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This is the question that comes up any time you start working in a new transcription platform or EHR system.

As mentioned on this forum, we haven't found an application yet where Instant Text 7 would not work. It is quite easy to find out. Open both applications, Instant Text and the client application. Then make sure you have the focus in the client application.

Now watch the circle next to Instant Text on the Instant Text title bar.

  • If it is green, Instant Text should work.
      If it does not, please check whether you have Webroot or Constant Guard on your computer. You will need to uninstall them.

      If you see expansions and they don't expand, please check your marker selection options.

  • If it is red, you need to find out why.
    1. 1. Check whether you are running the client application as administrator. If so, close Instant Text and run it as administrator as well.

      2. Check the Client Configurator to see whether the box “Use Instant Text With This Application” is checked. It needs to be checked.

    For any issue that might prevent you from using Instant Text with your client application, please contact us to help you find the solution.

    Known issues

    Keyboard shortcut conflicts:

    M*Modal uses Ctrl+9 to activate voice files - Instant Text uses Ctrl+9 to toggle off automatic capitalization.
    Infraware and other platforms such as MD-IT and Enterprise (Webmedx's platform) use Ctrl+Digit for various tasks - Instant Text uses Ctrl+Digit to switch glossaries.
    Solution: In the Instant Text Options/Special Keys window select Shift+Ctrl+Digit under Glossary Keys.

    DocQscribe (Fluency) uses Ctrl+Space as "play" command - Instant Text uses Ctrl+Space to erase last word.
    Solution: Open the Client Configurator while you are in this platform and check the box "Disable Control Space For Current Focus"

    Futurenet, EditScript, and Assistmed
    Solution: With certain client applications such as these you may want to toggle off docking (Ctrl+/+D). You can position Instant Text so it looks docked, and IT will remember its position.

    Don't let anybody make you believe that Instant Text just does not work with their software unless you are using a software written for the MAC OS system which is most unlikely in the world of medical transcription and editing. Instant Text is a Windows software and works with all Windows applications.

    Tell us about the platforms you are using...


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