Tips on FitalyLetris


Install the database!

FitalyLetris and FitalyLetrisDB should be installed in combination. Otherwise FitalyLetris creates an empty database.

How to use with Fitaly 2.0

To set up the game for Fitaly 2.0 open the Preferences menu and check the "Fitaly 2.0 layout" checkbox.

How to set the speed

The speed can be set manually either by tapping on the up and down arrows or by tapping on the number itself. This opens a dialog where you can enter the new speed.

Are long words falling slower?

Yes, in drill and game mode words fall at the current wpm speed. The aim is to keep a constant tapping speed, independently of word length. So long words fall slower, short words quicker.

What is shown in HighScores?

In Test mode you want to know the exact speed. So both the actual WPM and and standardized WPM are shown.

Drill mode wants to keep you practicing as long as possible. So the score shown is the number of characters entered.

In Game mode the speed is slowly increased up to your maximum speed in stages. So the maximum speed you have reached is shown, expressed as a standard WPM.

What is shown in WPM?

WPM means words per minute and they are counted in two different ways:
  • Actual WPM: Using the actual number of words in the text.
  • Standard WPM: Using 5-character words.

How to choose another text

Open the menu and chose a text under "Train" or "Tests"

How to edit text

Tap on the preview window at the upper end of the screen. You will see a short preview of the text. From there you get into the edit mode. Note that there is a menu with Cut, Copy, Paste and so on. It is recommended that you use Text 1 .. Text 5 for your own texts. So you could import e. g. juristic or medical texts via the clipboard.

Note also a title can be defined at the beginning of each text. Set it between chevrons like «Title» and it will be shown in the preview window.

More on FitalyLetris

For more information on training with FitalyLetris, please read the following note:

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