Training Tips by Hannes Frischat

The essence of a good training is to build up speed and accuracy.

It will help if you are confident that it will work. It will. After a time you probably will write very quickly without even thinking about where a certain character is and you will start seing words as patterns on the Fitaly.

Itzhak Perlman, the famous violinist who claimed to have no technical problems at all, was asked how to practice. He said: "First of all - practice slowly". So a suggestion would be to begin the training in game mode, and always at a speed that is 10 WMP less than the maximum. Speed will increase automatically in stages and fall back when the maximum has been reached.

Also it will be essential to enjoy literally the light and easy tapping at the slow speed, feeling comfortable. Then, after 80 words or so, go into the race. But don't overdo it. And don't skip the first 80 words as doing both is what will bring success. You will be surprised how quickly your speed will improve.

It is a good idea to begin with the Center 1 lesson and play it as described at least 3 or 4 times a day. After day 3, you will have reached a certain speed with the center characters. Now proceed to the other lessons, one by one, and learn to reach this speed with them as well. When you reach the "Overall" lesson, go back to Center 1 and start with a new round.

Regular practice is essential. You don't need much, but you should always ask yourself at the end of the day: "Did I do my three games?" Do this until you reach your speed goal.

These two principles of practice - time stretch and item reduction - are supposed to help all of you, from the 10 wpm beginner to the 50 or more wpm expert, to improve your speed effectively.

Enjoy FitalyLetris and Fitaly!

Hannes Frischat
June 2000.

For more information on this topic see also How to get very fast.

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Last modified 9 June 2000