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Overview of FitalyLetris

FitalyLetris is both a word game and a training tool
for fast text-entry on a Palm organizer

FitalyLetris should be of special appeal for Fitaly and FitalyStamp users but more generally also for other data entry methods.

FitalyLetris - unlike Giraffe - is word-oriented: Drills let you practice the 400 most frequent English words as they are falling like the pieces of a tetris game. For Fitaly users, the game aims at developing a visual memory of these most common words on the Fitaly display. For all users, the skills developed on these most common words should help in everyday use of Palm organizers.

FitalyLetris was developed by Hannes Frischat for Textware Solutions and is released as freeware.

FitalyLetris has three modes:

Test mode:

Here you test your raw speed. Every time you enter a word, a new one is added to the top of the list, until you've tapped the complete text. Time and Words Per Minute are then displayed. This test mode allows longer tests than the popular WPM utility and time is measured in 1/100s.

Drill mode:

Drills are designed to train various subsets of the most frequent letters and for exploring areas of the FitalyStamp. The speed is autoadjusting. A rich set of words is supplied.

Game mode:

Type as many words as you can before the crocodiles get you! As you type words, the speed is slowly increased. As they get crocodiled, the speed is decreased and you can start again! (Is this game supposed to be funny?)

More on FitalyLetris

For more information on FitalyLetris, please read the two following notes:

Copyright and License

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FitalyLetris is released as a freeware which you may freely use, copy, and give to others, subject to the terms of the attached License Agreement.

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