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The following medical transcription glossaries by Robert Hill, Mary Morken, Pam Mc Carville, Susan Daniels, Jon Knowles and Mike DeTuri have been made freely available by their authors:




Ages.glo Robert Hill Numerical and alphabetical versions of various human ages
Decimals.glo Pam McCarville Decimal numbers from 0.01 to 99.99
Degrees.glo Mike DeTuri,
Jon Knowles
Various ways of typing temperatures
Drugs.glo Robert Hill A list of drugs
Headers.glo Robert Hill This is a list of all-cap headers followed by colons
Lab Values.glo Susan Daniels This is a list of lab values
Mos&Days.glo Robert Hill Abbreviations for Months and Days
MT_Phrases.glo Robert Hill This is a list of thousands of phrases, some hyphenated
MT_Words.glo Robert Hill A list of 11,000+ words of four letters or more
MMList.glo Mary Morken Mary Morken's list of 14,000 medical words and phrases.
NDME&P.glo Robert Hill,
Mary Morken
New Drugs, Medical Procedures, and Equipment
Numbers.glo Robert Hill Commonly used numbers and numerical conventions
Sutures.glo Robert Hill Contains phrases of common suture materials

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