Instant Text — Key Features

Shortcuts to speed up common actions...

Instant Text offers several keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to do everything with the keyboard. You can avoid the mouse completely if you want.

An example is the keyboard shortcut Alt= to add a new entry to the current glossary. Adding a new entry can be done with a minimum of keystrokes:

Two keystrokes — That's all that is needed, and this is certainly a world record for adding a glossary entry!

Other shortcuts include Shift space to clear the advisories; Alt- to hide Instant Text, Shift Alt= to open the Glossary Viewer on the advisory entry currently highlighted, and many others. Finally, all dialogs are accessible by Alt letter combinations.

Of course, if you are using Instant Text on a Tablet PC (hence, without a keyboard), you can also use the pen (or mouse) efficiently. For example, you can enter an entry by a tap on the line where it appears in an advisory.