Instant Text 7 Pro Version 7.42

Installing IT 7.42

To download the installer please click on the following link:
and then click on Save or Run, run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen.

To be sure that you have installed the new version successfully, check the build date by right‑clicking the help button  on the blue Instant Text caption, to open the About dialog. It should now indicate 2015‑12‑28. Note that you will not need to request a new activation code if you already have one.

No glossary is modified if you update a previous version. But to be on the safe side, always create backup copies of your glossaries before installing any software.

What is new in Version 7.42

The following list shows the Instant Text 7 Pro improvements done in version 7.42:

Forum - Support

If you have not visited the forum lately, you may want to look at the message titles and see that it is a very good place for exchanging tips, suggestions, and techniques. You may also use the powerful Find feature to find all messages on a given subject.

Of course the forum is no substitute for an active support line! As usual, for specific questions or when you need help, you can email

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Instant Text Main Forum

Last modified 28 December 2015