Current Glossary

The Current Glossary is the active Expansion Glossary in the Glossary List.

The other glossaries of the Glossary List are ready-to-use, but inactive.

Abbreviations are always interpreted within the entries of the Current Glossary.

Glossary Table Glossary Drop-Down List
Glossary Table

The Current Glossary is highlighted.

Glossary Drop-Down List

The Current Glossary is displayed on the Instant Text title bar.

The Current Glossary changes whenever

Switching to a Glossary

Switching to a glossary of the Glossary List can be done

The Ctrl 1 to Ctrl 8 Switch Glossary Hotkeys enable you to easily switch back and forth, between the glossaries at position 1 to 8.

For example, in the Glossary List displayed above

Viewing the Current Glossary

Clicking on the Current Glossary in the Glossary Table opens it in the Glossary Viewer.

You may also select the View Current Glossary menu item in the Glossary Menu.

Another alternative is to press the Alt Shift = View Highlighted Expansion Hotkey.