Glossary Viewer Find Bar

The Glossary Viewer Find Bar enables you to search the currently viewed glossary.

Glossary Viewer Find Bar

You type the text you want to search in the Find Editor, and then click the Next or Previous button.

You may use anchors in the text to search:

You may for example

Clicking the Find Editor arrow enables you to select a previous search:

Glossary Viewer Search History

For a case sensitive search, check the Match case checkbox.

If you want to search only for whole words, check the Whole words checkbox.

The following table describes useful keyboard shortcuts related to searching:

Ctrl F or Ctrl S

Set focus on Find Editor.

Alt N or F3

Find next.

Alt V or Shift F3

Find previous.


Show search history.

The following table describes additional keyboard shortcuts related to searching that are available when the focus is on the Glossary Viewer Entry Table.

F or S

Set focus on Find Editor.


Find next.


Find previous.