Stop & Resume Commands

The Stop and Resume submenu of the Command Menu addresses the need to handle expansions with fill-ins.

At the first Stop command the remaining part of the expansion is put on hold while you fill in specific text or numbers. To resume the remaining part of the expansion, you use the Resume command for which you can create your own short form. Each time the expansion encounters a Stop command, the remaining part of the expansion is put on hold.

For example, we can define the following Phrase Entry:

Stop command example

When expanding this Phrase Entry, Instant Text will stop at each Stop command, enabling you to fill in birth place, age, etc. 

Each time you want to resume with the remaining expansion, you will need to use a Resume command. For that purpose, you create your own glossary entry that resumes any pending expansions. For example:

Resume command example

Each time you want to resume the expansion where it stopped, you expand this rrr entry.

Let us now give a step by step description of how to use these two glossary entries in our example:

At that point you are done. You have used the Stop and Resume commands to produce:

"was born in Boston and aged 28 at the time of the events under consideration, her second pregnancy.  "