Current Glossary

Abbreviations are always interpreted within the words and phrases of the Current Glossary.

The Current Glossary is the highlighted line in the Glossary List.

In the following example, Medstart is the Current Glossary.

Selecting the Current Glossary:

You can select a new Current Glossary by clicking its name in the Glossary List.

You can also use the Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+8 keyboard shortcuts to select the glossary at the corresponding index in the Glossary List as the new Current Glossary. The numbers 1 to 8 are assigned to consecutive glossaries in the order in which they appear in the Glossary list. They are reassigned when a glossary is closed.

For example, press Ctrl+1 for the Address glossary and Ctrl+2 for Business.

Closing the Current Glossary:

You can close the Current Glossary using the Close current glossary menu item in the Glossary Menu. The previous glossary in the list then becomes the new Current Glossary.

Viewing the Current Glossary

Clicking (again) on the Current Glossary opens the Glossary Viewer

You can also use the Shift+Alt+keyboard shortcut or use the View current glossary menu item in the Glossary Menu.