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The Fastest Input Method
by Roger R. Prokic
Posted November 15, 1998 on the Pilot Mailing List

In a previous article, Leslie Newman asked:

Today I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with/ thoughts on the T9 and/or PalmFitaly text input technology? Due to some minor hand problems I don't love dealing with Grafitti so I've been using the Palm's own built-in keyboard but it's so small that it's slow going. I don't have to do lengthy text inputs so lugging a GoType keyboard around doesn't appeal to me. I'm about to install a demo version of T9 but wondered if anyone had any info or opinions on it to share?

I highly recommend the Fitaly keyboard. It is the fastest input method for most, once you have used it a bit. I can type over 50 wpm with it!

Roger R. Prokic
Telecom Design Lead
Mars Surveyor Program
Lockheed Martin Astronautics

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