What Fitaly Users Are Saying...

Almost as fast as on the PC
by Stew Stryker
Posted September 1998 on the Gadgeteer

I tried out Fitaly for about 2 weeks and got up to 36 wpm. Compare that to 19 wpm with Graffiti. Long story short, I bought it.

I tend to write longer sentences on my Pilot, since I keep design specs for application software I'm developing on it. I can get the text into the Pilot with Fitaly almost as fast as I can type on the PC keyboard. Well, maybe not that fast, but it does pretty well, and I have fewer mistakes if I'm at all careful.

That's totally untrue with Graffiti, where I get lots of errors if I stop concentrating. I've had my Pilot for just over a year, so I don't think my Graffiti use is going to get any better than this.

Stew Stryker

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