What Fitaly Users Are Saying...

How much is your time worth?
by Stew Stryker
Posted August 13, 1998 on comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

A previous article said:
I haven't used it enough to say whether it's a good product, but it's expensive. I might buy it for $10, but it costs $25, and there's no way it could be a better deal for the money than DateBk3 or HackMaster or POP!

It may not be a better deal that those products, but if you write a lot, you'll probably find the speed improvement worth the extra $15. Yes, it takes a few days to get REALLY fast on it. But consider this:

I can write in Graffiti up to about 18 wpm for the stock sentence "Now is the time...". That was with using the ScreenWrite hack that lets you write anywhere on the screen, which improves my Graffiti accuracy about 10%.

But within 10 minutes of trying the Fitaly keyboard, I was writing 22 wpm. I stopped bothering with it when I hit 38 wpm. So I can now write TWICE AS FAST with the Fitaly keyboard as I could with Graffiti.

How much is your time worth?


Stew Stryker

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