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Silky vs. FitalyStamp
by Chris Cardone
Posted June 11, 2000 on comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

A previous message compares FitalyStamp and Silkyboard:

Frankly, I like 'em both. Fitaly is good when you need the best speed; Silkyboard is best when you need to be able to use Grafitti at the same time. (Fitaly makes it a lot hard to use Grafitti or command strokes.)

Actually, it's completely simple to use graffiti with FitalyStamp. You just tap the "off" button. Then the native Graffiti is active. To restart Fitaly, tap the button again (it's a toggle button). I think it's a very simple design solution, in return for all the other functionality that Fitaly gives.

IMHO, the decision about which is better - Silky vs Fitaly - is pretty simple: you either learn the Fitaly layout, or you don't. Once you've learned it (and it's no harder than learning Graffiti, IMO), I don't think you'll ever go back. It's just that much faster. And that's why most of us regular Fitaly users - those of us who've decided to learn the layout - prefer the toggle switch rather than being able to use Graffiti over the top of the stamp (which makes you give up certain functionality, like sliding capital letters)...

The toggle switch is better because, frankly, you will rarely ever turn Fitaly off. It's so easy to get to unusual characters, caps, numerals, punctuation, etc. Why bother with graffiti, which is wayyy slower?

On the other hand, if you DON'T want to learn the Fitaly layout, use Silky.

However, if you're willing to learn the Palm OS, and Palm Graffiti, how tough is Fitaly? Plus, there's a good manual, an active user forum, and easy games to play... All just to make it easy to learn Fitaly.

So... Guess which one I use? :))

Chris Cardone

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