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FitalyStamp - radically improved, faster, and more convenient.
by Stephen Oles
Posted July 20, 2000 on comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

Some of you seem to be complaining that Fitaly Stamp is not exactly like the original Grafitti area configuration -- that's true. It's radically improved, faster, and more convenient.

Speed and Functionality

Much Faster Than Graffiti
by Kevin Price
Posted June 10, 2000 on alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

There is no way the strokes and commands required for inputting Graffiti will ever be as fast and accurate as Fitaly because of the very nature of their function and concept. [...]

When I bought FitalyStamp and Fitaly 2.0, I received my product in just a few days and was very impressed with the classy packaging, the coherence and detail in their manual and the design and quality of both the overlay and the software. Class, service and quality all the way.

Speed - Quality

Silky vs. FitalyStamp
by Chris Cardone
Posted June 11, 2000 on comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

The toggle switch is better because, frankly, you will rarely ever turn Fitaly off. It's so easy to get to unusual characters, caps, numerals, punctuation, etc. Why bother with graffiti, which is wayyy slower?

Speed - Faster than Silkyboard

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