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FitalyStamp - radically improved, faster, and more convenient.
by Stephen Oles
Posted July 20, 2000 on comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

Steve Oles answers prior comments on FitalyStamp:

Having had Fitaly Stamp for several weeks now, I can't imagine ever wanting to use Grafitti again. Why -- when the full ANSI character set is now at your fingertips? Same with the silkscreen buttons ... I find them more convenient lined up on the left in Fitaly Stamp. What is the problem?

Some of you seem to be complaining that Fitaly Stamp is not exactly like the original Grafitti area configuration -- that's true. It's radically improved, faster, and more convenient.

And it's not like you can't judge the original locations of the buttons, if you turn off the Fitaly hack ... although I can't imagine why anyone would want or need to.

If change is disturbing, stick with Grafitti. All these worrying "what ifs" prove groundless once you actually try FS. The vast improvements in speed and convenience make up in no time the brief learning curve required to change your old habits.

Stephen Oles

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