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Much Faster Than Graffiti
by Kevin Price
Posted June 10, 2000 on alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

In a previous article, Adam Helberg wrote:

I must say I'm skeptical about the claims for such a fast entry. With graffiti and WPM and my typical text to enter I get about 18 wpm without errors...

As for the significant improvement of data input speed of Fitaly over Graffiti, I've used Fitaly and found it to be much faster than Graffiti within the first few weeks of using it. I can easily see how most anyone could achieve 30 and up WPM once using it for awhile.

I got Fitaly because I found Graffiti on my V to be just slow enough and inaccurate enough that I knew I'd never be satisfied with it. After getting Fitaly, while using it I discovered I had a problem with my input recognition in the graffiti area, and got a Vx to replace my V.

Suddenly, with a faster processor and properly working text input in the new Vx, I found Graffiti to be a much better system than I had experienced with my first unit. Newly impressed with Graffiti, I began using Graffiti mostly again and only occasionally used Fitaly.

Now having used a good Graffiti system for 2-3 months and relatively happy with it, the final judgement as to the fastest and most accurate input is Fitaly. Just recently I went back to using Fitaly Stamp as my primary input for this reason.

There is no way the strokes and commands required for inputting Graffiti will ever be as fast and accurate as Fitaly because of the very nature of their function and concept.

Rather than varieties of long strokes to make letters and often double strokes or taps for capitalization, etc, Fitaly is always a simple tap and an occasional single slide.

And the minimized hand movement and centralized keyboard layout of Fitaly further maximizes speed of taps.

I found Fitaly better than Silkyboard for much the same reasons as expressed in other posts here.

I must add one last thing. I found the company that makes Fitaly to be outstanding in all facets. They have a wonderfully detailed, articulate and well-designed website about their product. In observing their FitalyStamp forum for a few months, I was most impressed with how they listened to the customer and responded quickly and intelligently.

When I bought FitalyStamp and Fitaly 2.0, I received my product in just a few days and was very impressed with the classy packaging, the coherence and detail in their manual and the design and quality of both the overlay and the software. Class, service and quality all the way.

The only thing I personally would like different on the FitalyStamp is that I'd rather have the same metal silver background on the Fitaly letter layout section rather than the white background that is there. I think it would be a better fit with the V/Vx's sleek elegant style. Since the letter fonts are several font sizes larger and bolder than other keys on the overlay and since learning Fitaly leads to intuitive letter selection anyway I think the standout white isn't necessary.

But, this last point is admittedly very fickle and probably more a personal preference of mine which others may not agree. It also is certainly not any reason not to appreciate all the outstanding qualities of Fitaly.

Kevin Price

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