Command Glossary Edit Glossary Includes...

The EditGlossaryIncludes command enables you to reshuffle the includes of a glossary via an expansion.

When selecting the Edit Glossary Includes... menu item,

  1. a file browser dialog lets you select the glossary for which you want to reshuffle the includes,
  2. then the Edit Glossary Includes Command Input dialog is displayed:

Edit Glossary Includes Command Input

It is similar to the Edit Glossary Includes dialog that you open by clicking the Includes Button of the Glossary Viewer Side Bar.

Clicking the OK button though does not perform the reshuffling of the includes on the spot.

It just prepares the EditGlossaryIncludes command input:

<include file="Glossary\Ages.xglo" color="#FBEFF3" />
<shell file="Glossary\Medical Base.xglo" />
<include file="Glossary\Address.xglo" color="#EBEFFA" />
<include file="Glossary\Drugs.xglo" color="#FDFFEA" />
<include file="Glossary\Sutures.xglo" color="#F2FBF6" />

It is only upon expansion of the produced command that the includes reshuffling effectively takes place.


Assuming your main glossary called main.xglo

You can easily do it with the following expansion:

<shell file="Glossary\main.xglo" />
<include file="Glossary\Dates_US_military.xglo" color="#EBF2BF" />

And when you want to switch back to dates in US format you may use the following expansion:

<shell file="Glossary\main.xglo" />
<include file="Glossary\Dates_US.xglo" color="#D5EBF6" />

With these two expansions, it is very easy to swap the included dates glossary whenever you need to.