Pick Glossary

A Pick Glossary is a special glossary that serves as a repository for Pick List Items. A Pick List can be displayed in the Expansion Table using a Pick command.

A Pick Glossary Entry, also called a Pick List Item, has:

A Pick List is a set of Pick List Items that share the same Pick Name.

In the following example the entries with a little square bullet are the items of the Pick List named color. The highlighted entry, surrounded by a rectangular outline, is the one that has the focus: it can be edited, deleted or moved.

Pick Glossary

A glossary entry can refer to the Pick List color, using the Pick command, as shown in the following example:

Short Expansion


My favorite car is {Pick}color{/Pick}

Expanding mfc produces My favorite car is and the Pick List color is displayed in the Expansion Table, enabling you to pick one of the suggested colors:

Pick List example

The Pick Glossary Shell

The Pick Glossary Shell is the Pick Glossary that contains all active pick lists: in order for a Pick Glossary to be active, it needs to be included in the Pick Glossary Shell.

The Pick Glossary Shell has a fixed location and a reserved name: Glossary\#Picks.xglo

Viewing the Pick Glossary Shell

You can view and edit the Pick Glossary Shell in the Glossary Viewer using the View Pick Glossary menu item of the Glossary Menu.