Snippet Glossary

A Snippet Glossary defines a set of expansions that can be referenced across multiple other expansions, using the Snippet command. When you change the contents of a snippet, it is updated across all the entries that reference it.

A Snippet Glossary Entry consists in:

Note that Snippet Glossary Entries are never displayed in the Expansion Table, as they can only be referenced inside expansions, which are the ones which will be displayed.

A Snippet Glossary does not accept duplicate snippet names.

The Snippet Glossary Shell

The Snippet Glossary Shell is the Snippet Glossary that contains all active snippets: in order for a Snippet Glossary to be active, it needs to be included in the Snippet Glossary Shell.

The Snippet Glossary Shell has a fixed location and a reserved name: Glossary\#Snippets.xglo

Viewing the Snippet Glossary Shell

You can view and edit the Snippet Glossary Shell in the Glossary Viewer using the View Snippet Glossary menu item of the Glossary Menu.