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With slides and glossary expansions, Fitaly gives you more than just a keyboard and a text expander. The Fitaly Macro language makes it a smart keyboard that offers you the possibility to have any possible key and key combination at your fingertip or pentip. Moreover, it will greatly enhance and accelerate your work on a Tablet PC. Thanks to the Fitaly macros, actions like copying and pasting or launching a report or an image can be done with just a slide or an expansion, and much more.



Special Characters

All characters and keys are available with the Fitaly macro language.

The following special characters and keys can be easily produced with a slide or an expansion. You just add them as such by tapping on the Insert Macro -> special character menu in the Fitaly Editor:

Fitaly offers full Unicode support. Any unicode character can be produced with the Fitaly macro language. You can pick any character or string of characters in the Unicode Picker by tapping on Insert Macro -> special character -> unicode.

Unicode picker

State Keys

The following keys can be produced with the Fitaly macro language via
the Insert Macro -> state key menu:

The Alt key can thus be at your fingertips on any key for which you define a slide containing alt. You can also create slide or glossary entries with combinations of keys like control A or alt tab (tab being under Insert Macro -> special character).

Panel Keys

All Fitaly panel keys can be produced with the Fitaly macro language via
the Insert Macro -> panel key menu:

For example, you can define a slide on u to pop up the umlaut panels. This allows you to access the umlaut panels while in arrows mode.

Direction Keys

All direction keys can be produced with the Fitaly macro language via
the Insert Macro -> direction key menu:

You may combine direction keys and state keys to produce macros that select a portion of text: control+shift+left will select the previous word, for example.

Option Keys

The option keys allow you to insert the different size macros into a slide or glossary entry by tapping on the Insert Macro -> option key menu and select the size you want to have quick access to.

The Punctuation panel's use is based on the Half-Cell options which allow you to use punctuation and numbers by tapping the half cells in which they are showing or to use the full cell option and choose to obtain punctuation by tapping and digits by sliding or vice versa.

Any of these three options can be inserted as a slide or glossary entry via
the Insert Macro -> option key menu:

The expander can be switched on or off with a slide using the Specials -> option key menu:


Positioning Keys

With the positioning keys you can easily reposition Fitaly on your screen:

You can enhance the interaction between Fitaly and the client application you are currently typing in, with the following keys:

You can also use the following macros to minimize or maximize the client application that you are currently working with:



Additional metakeys make Fitaly even more versatile and powerful:

Date and time keys:

Case change keys:

The launch key is especially powerful as it enables you to launch any executable or file of your choice. You may use it to launch Word or any other application. You may also use it to open your preferred photo or some other file that you often work with.

Other metakeys are:


Function Keys

Function keys F1 to F24 can be produced with the Fitaly macro language via
the Insert Macro -> function key menu.
A slide on f can give access to F1 for example.

Numpad Keys

Numpad keys can be produced where needed via
the Insert Macro -> numpad key menu.

Browser Keys

Browser keys are browser dedicated shortcuts. You can insert them via
the Insert Macro -> browser key menu:


Volume Keys

Volume keys let you control the volume of your speakers.
These keys can be inserted via the  Insert Macro -> volume key menu.

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