Expansion Table Scrolling

Most traditional expanders don't allow duplicate short forms. Instant Text with its Expansion Table and Line Number Selection offers a unique combination, that enables you to access several potential expansions for the exact same short form. When you use the Line Number Selection you are effectively scrolling the expansion table. Let us explain how the scrolling works with a visual example.

Suppose you display 10 expansion table lines and type aatt.

The following picture displays the expansion table on the left side and the expansion list on the right side:

Obviously the expansion list contains more expansion candidates than the expansion table can display. As a result, only the top 10 first expansion candidates are displayed. It is just like when you open a big document in a text editor, you will only see as many lines as your window height is able to accomodate, and to see more lines you will need to scroll down using the adequate keyboard shortcuts.

To scroll down the expansion table, you simply type a digit and it moves the range of the displayed expansion candidates accordingly. Typing 7 for example wil shift the range of the shown expansion candidates, so that the new range starts with the expansion that was previously displayed on line 7: