Instant Text 7 Pro

Instant Text 7 Pro – The only Text Expander offering:


Supported Applications

Instant Text 7 Pro works with all versions of Windows. The software works with all popular word processors and most other Windows applications, including the following:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Works, WordPad, NotePad
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Corel WordPerfect
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express
America On Line
Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox
Eudora, Opera
Amicus Attorney


Instant Text 7 Pro interfaces with all systems, as well as with all major medical record and transcription systems. It also works with voice applications and EHR systems.

M*Modal/DocQscribe, Fluency
FutureNet i-Type
Emdat Inscribe
Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Dolbey Fusion
3M ChartScript.NET
Webmedx Enterprise
Crescendo MedRite-XL
Via Voice


Instant Text 7 Pro also interfaces directly with many Windows applications developed with tools such as the following:

Microsoft Visual C++
Borland Delphi
Microsoft Visual Basic
Powersoft PowerBuilder


The product offers a seamless integration with all applications and links automatically to the application of your choice. It is shown below linked to MS Word, ready to expand after typing the two letters pc:


Built-In Glossaries

Instant Text 7 Pro comes with built-in glossaries totaling more than 150,000 entries for medical transcription, the legal profession, and general usage.

Up to 50 glossaries can be active at the same time and even more can be achieved with the powerful Include Feature: You can have hundreds of thousand words and phrases immediately available at your fingertips in all applications or in just the applications of your choice.

Glossary and Line Count Tools

The product includes glossary tools – the Importer and the Glossary Workshop – and tools for preparing line count reports: a Line Count and a Line Reporter.

System Requirements

Instant Text 7 Pro is fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.


Licensing —Ordering

Instant Text 7 Pro is licensed through subscriptions and can be ordered online at this link.

More Information

The main features of Instant Text are presented in the Overview and in the pages on Key Features. The new features of version 7 are explained in separate pages: Instant Text 7 Pro – New Features.

Several active electronic forums are maintained for Instant Text users, with thousands of messages discussing best ways to use the product. See in particular, the Instant Text Forum

See also the Comments from users of Instant Text.

Last modified December 31, 2015