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Fitaly 5 Applicability

Fitaly 5 for the Pocket PC works on all Windows CE versions greater or equal to 4.20:


Fitaly Software Setup

Download the Pocket PC Fitaly 5 installer and run it.

Please install Fitaly in main memory.
Installing on a storage card will work but to be able to set Fitaly as startup input method requires Fitaly to be installed in main memory.

The installer creates a Fitaly Pocket PC folder on your Pocket PC including
the documentation files, the cab files to be installed and the License agreement.


Notes on Upgrading

To install this version over a previous version of Fitaly 3.5:

To install this version over a previous version of Fitaly 4.0:


Un-Installing Fitaly

To uninstall Fitaly, perform the following steps:


Fitaly 5 User Manual

Read the attached User Manual for a description of what you can do with Fitaly.


License Information

The use of Fitaly is subject to a License Agreement which applies to registered versions as well as to demo versions of the software.


Contacting Textware Solutions

Address: Textware Solutions
58 Lexington Street
Burlington, MA 01803
Email: info@fitaly.com
Web: www.fitaly.com
Support: support@fitaly.com

User Manual
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