Dom Perignon IV — Quadrathlon Corner

Several contenders submitted entries with more than one input method. The results they obtained are shown below.

Hendrik Christian

Fitaly PPC 31.58 75.99 Hendrik Christian
CalliGrapher PPC 47.18 50.87 Hendrik Christian
Qwerty PPC 54.53 44.01 Hendrik Christian
Decuma PPC 57.91 41.44 Hendrik Christian

Jim Belich

FitalyVirtual T3 29.67 80.88 Jim Belich
QwertyVirtual T3 68.62 34.97 Jim Belich
Graffiti 2 T3 83.14 28.86 Jim Belich

Patrick Yam

FitalyVirtual T3 32.74 73.30 Patrick Yam
MessagEase T3 47.15 50.90 Patrick Yam
Qwerty Palm T3 56.45 42.51 Patrick Yam

Steve Isenberg

FitalyVirtual TH55 67.89 35.35 Steve Isenberg
Graffiti 76.95 31.18 Steve Isenberg
MessagEase NX 85.67 28.01 Steve Isenberg

Jaren Waldner

Fitaly PPC 32.17 74.60 Jaren Waldner
Qwerty PPC 38.60 62.17 Jaren Waldner

Zoltan Heizler

FitalyVirtual NX 33.68 71.25 Zoltan Heizler
Qwerty Palm 58.58 40.96 Zoltan Heizler


Fitaly PPC 46.93 51.13 Palmsolo
MessagEase PPC 63.45 37.82 Palmsolo

It is difficult to derive any conclusion on comparing method from these few examples. Some of the differences may reflect the relative speeds of methods. On the other hand, they may also reflect different degrees of familiarity with the methods.

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