Typo Corrections

Instant Text also corrects your typos.

For example, you type wiht followed by a space and Instant Text corrects it automatically into with followed by a space, because wiht is a typo with a correction of with that is defined in the Typo Glossary, the special dedicated glossary for Typo Corrections.

To some extent, Typo Corrections can be seen as the expansion of a Typo into a Correction:

Typo Correction



Typo Corrections can be triggered by any non-alphanumeric character, other than the hyphen and the underscore, regardless of your Expansion Triggers.

Typo Corrections will never preempt a potential expansion. If you type wiht; and have a potential expansion for wiht; displayed in the Expansion Table, it will be expanded: expansions have priority over Typo Corrections.

As the Typo Glossary is mainly designed for the sake of correcting unintentional typos, potential Typo Corrections are not displayed in the expansion table.

You can view and edit the Typo Glossary in the Glossary Viewer, using the View Typo Glossary menu item in the Glossary Menu.

If you don't want Typo Corrections, you can deactivate the Typo Glossary, using the Deactivate Typo Glossary menu item in the Glossary Menu.