FitalyLetris for the Palm

FitalyLetris is both a word game and a training tool for fast text-entry on a Palm organizer.

The idea of FitalyLetris is to write the words that fall down. To complete a word, enter a space after it.

There are several modes Test, Drill, Game that focus on different demands and therefore handle the speed and other parameters in different ways.


System Requirements

FitalyLetris works on all Palm devices using Palm OS version 2 and above.

Download FitalyLetris for the Palm

FitalyLetris for the Palm can be downloaded at this link.

Licensing — Freeware

FitalyLetris for the Palm is released as a freeware, which you may freely use, copy, and give to others, subject to the terms of the FitalyLetris License.

More Information

See the FitalyLetris Overview , the Tips on FitalyLetris, and the Training Tips by Hannes Frischat. While FitalyLetris was developed to help Fitaly users, it can be used with any input method. It has also been used to do comparative evaluation of input speeds in the Dom Perignon Speed Contest.

Several electronic forums are maintained for Fitaly users, with thousands of messages discussing best ways to use the product as well as future improvements. See in particular, the Fitaly Forum.

Last modified 4 January 2005.